Analysis and design of the facade for office space in Zaczerń

Environmental analysis and facade fabrication process

Our company prepared a set of tools dedicated to the project, which allowed to find optimal solutions for the geometry and construction of the facade in terms of visibility, access to light and feasibility of the solution.

The design of the production hall with office part by MM-Projekt Pracownia Architektoniczna Magdalena Hasek, was realized in 2020. Due to the complex geometry of the facade based on the origami principle, our task was to prepare an algorithm that allowed checking many variants of both perforation and construction geometry. Automation of the process allowed for a short time of verification of subsequent solutions.

View of 3D model of one of the construction variants and the facade

Dedicated tool for architects

Prepared tool consisted of several interdependent components. Changes in the perforation geometry and construction layout, along with control of the construction cross-sections, enabled automatic insolation analyses, collision analyses and preparation of technical drawings. The time spent on the preparation of the tool allowed for the acceleration of further stages of the project and the continuous verification and modification of solutions.

View of 3D model of one of the construction variants and the facade

View of structure dependence and perforated facade elements

Daylight Factor Analysis

Due to the partial restriction of daylight through the façade, analyses of the insolation of the office space have been carried out. Through the use of computer simulations for each of the proposed perforation systems in the façade, analyses were carried out to assess the provision of minimum sunlight conditions. During the simulations, both visual comfort and the possibility of digital fabrication of solutions in terms of distance and size of openings were verified. The analyses made it possible to find the optimum size, shape and density of perforation, which for the given space provides suitable conditions for workers and is feasible.

View of the completed facade and construction


Comparison of two alternatives of a facade perforation